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Marketing Tip: Lose Your Password

Do you know what your lost password email says?  Many marketers don’t really know how their websites really behave in situations outside the normal flow or user experience.  And yet these situations are likely also the ones where the visitor is already frustrated (e.g.: having to correct a form, having to reset a password, etc.) and should be treated with extra care and professionalism.

Unfortunately the design and messaging is usually left to whoever developed the application or site. And once the site is up and running nobody goes “Oh wait, our logo has changed! Quick! Update the lost password email!”

If you’ve got a semi-literate webmaster you’re probably alright, but here are some easy things to check:

  • The registration welcome email.
  • The lost password email.
  • Form errors.
  • Form thank you messages.

I know these sound like minor details, but I think they matter.  They’re as much a part of your customer’s experience of your brand as the front page of your web site.