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Website Redesign: Focus on Two-way Engagement with Your Customers

Create Your Next Customer Relaunches

We recently helped the folks at UBM TechWeb redesign and relaunch their Create Your Next Customer site. When it first launched in 2008 it was intended to be a relatively simple online media kit, with pages for each of InformationWeek’s media brands. Though we created it from the start with WordPress, the blog section was really just a “nice-to-have.” The site was 90% marketing and 10% blog.

Since then the site has grown, not only because UBM TechWeb has been busy creating new brands, but also because UBM TechWeb executives like Scott Vaughan and Winnie Ng-Schuchman have been blogging like mad. They use the site to share their take on what’s going on in the media and business technology industries, post research and conduct Q & A interviews with their clients.

The new site design puts the blog up front. The front page, which used to to be monopolized by media and marketing products, now walks and talks and crawls on its belly like a blog. We redesigned the single post pages to be more personal. We added more opportunities to comment and share. The brand and product information (about 200 individual pages and “sell sheets,” at last count) is still there, but the focus is on two-way engagement with business technology marketers.

We really like  the new look, and the way UBM TechWeb’s marketing teams have embraced the opportunity to use blogging and social media to engage with customers. Check it out, and let us know what you think!