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Marketing Services: Our Valentine to Some Real Sweethearts, AKA Vendors

This year, we’re dedicating our Valentine’s Day greetings to the people who help a small company like Modern Media make some really big things happen for our clients. We’re lucky to have built a close relationship with a group of vendors who help make us and our clients be successful and look great throughout the year.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Marketing materials = Affinity Designs at Modern Media

Designer and camel at rest in Dubai.

Elena Martorano of Affinity Design does the design work on so many of our projects – marketing materials, print ads, invitations, event programs and signage. Most recently, Elena produced the design for a smashing invitation package for ECO:nomics, The Wall Street Journal’s annual conference on business and the environment. Every year, Elena makes a major trip abroad, where she rides elephants and camels. Guess who carries a MacBook and external hard drive with all current files in her backpack – just in case we tweet for help?  Thank you, Elena!

Howard Kaden of Intergraphics Litho is our choice of printer when the expectations of our clients need to be exceeded. Let’s be honest: having an important print piece on press has to be one of the most nerve-wracking experiences ever. Knowing that the printer is just as concerned as you are? Knowing that the printer will catch something on press before you do? Priceless. We couldn’t recommend Howard’s attention to detail and quality more.

We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve worked with Digital Blue Global when it comes to putting on a great show. They have worked on the stage design and the production of our own Realtime Conferences as well as those of clients including The Wall Street Journal, RFID Journal and Ypulse. This team is super creative, organized, and gets it done for events of all sizes.  And we enjoy catching up with them over a pint at the bar afterwards – cheers!

Asking someone to call your client’s customers requires a huge amount of trust. There’s a big difference between the average telemarketing campaign and relationship building. That’s why Virtual Causeway gets a Valentine from us:  their teams know how to hold real and informed conversations. It’s like making calls yourself, and that’s worth its weight in gold.

Modern Media sends a Valentine to its marketing vendors

Photo courtesy of Jefferson Sestaro

Need a great web design team?  We sometimes do, and when we’re too busy or stretched to work on a site in-house, we partner with Tom and Tin at RootIQ who deliver bespoke web sites with all bells and whistles with grace, good humor–and speed!

So who’s on your Valentine’s list this year?