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The Media Martini: Social Conventions, Value of Live Events, Dusty Google+ Magazine Pages

Happy Friday!  It’s time for our weekly pick of the most interesting stories in media — let us know what you think!

1. At the Conventions: Social Mentions

2012 Elections: Social Media Mentions at the ConventionsIt’s been a busy two weeks for tweets-per-minute and likes-per-party analyses. It will be interesting to see if there are any post-election predictive analytics lessons to mull over and learn from in November. Click on the graphic at right for social TV analytics company Bluefin Lab’s full head-to-head recap of total social mentions as the speeches wrapped in Charlotte.

2. Good News for Live Events

A new report in its series on the value of face-to-face interaction recently released by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) contained good news for the live events industry. Relative to other face-to-face options (including sales calls), exhibits at live events are highly valued by attendees and exhibitors alike. Both also appear to think that that value will increase over the next two years. A MarketingCharts post offered some topline stats from the report:

    • Out of 10 possible face-to-face options, exhibitions (48%) topped the list of most valuable interactions for attendees, followed by sales calls (28%).
    • For exhibitors, in-person sales calls (44%) and exhibitions (43%) were virtually tied for the most valuable activity.
    • 43% of attendees believe that the value of exhibitions and conventions will increase in the next 2 years, as do 37% of exhibitors.

3. Top Magazines Ignore Their Google+ Communities

We were surprised to learn that so many top magazines seem to have simply ignored their Google+ communities — even though those communities are in some cases larger than the magazine’s Facebook fan base. Read last week’s post, Top Magazines on Google+ Have Larger Fan Base But Less Engagement Than On Facebook, at The Realtime Report and let us know if you have any explanation!

4. Newspaper Boxes Unbanned!

No newspaper boxes allowed?Newspaper boxes will soon be welcome outside University of Texas journalism school reported Poynter yesterday. It’s been touch and go on this issue: the school’s new digs are super environmentally friendly, and the university initially banned boxes to limit the potential for litter(!) from newspapers. Details from The Daily Texas in its protest piece.

Cheers – and have a great weekend!!