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Glamour September Issue Features Pinterest And Facebook Contests Powered By SnapTags

I’m supposed to be writing a Media Martini, our (somewhat) weekly roundup of the coolest stories of the week.  But the first story I found was so interesting that I’ve decided to make it the entire focus of the post.  Please, feel free to enjoy a martini while reading this anyway — it is Friday!

We’ve covered QR codes and augmented reality applications extensively over at The Realtime Report, and we’ve also tracked the integration of mobile-activated tags inside print publications on our Modern Media blog. This month, Glamour magazine ups the ante by using a variety of social SnapTags and integrating a Pinterest contest into the mix; adding even more opportunities for reader-advertiser engagement.

SnapTags are similar to QR codes, but are more visually appealing and easier to brand.  Social SnapTags — like the one on last year’s Glamour September issue cover to the right — allow you to create direct links to your (or your advertiser’s)  Facebook accounts to engage the reader further. Last year’s September issue drove 512,339 engagements among a circulation of 2 million readers, according to eConsultancy.

This year, Glamour’s September issue will be even more interactive:  SnapTags will link not only to Facebook, but also to Twitter and Pinterest — and advertisers are taking full advantage of the Pinterest craze to motivate readers to engage.

The CoverGirl ad, for instance, features a Pinterest SnapTag, which encourages users to be one of the first 500 to Pin its images using the Glamour Friends & Fans app to receive a BlastFlipStick.  Zales is asking readers to Pin for a chance to win a $500 shopping spree.  And Unilever is using a Facebook SnapTag that allows consumers a chance to win a sample Caress body wash, according to Mobile Commerce Daily.

That’s cool, but my readers are not young women — they’re business professionals!

So what?  Get creative!  I can think of 26 ways that b2b publishers could be using technology like this to engage readers and drive advertising revenues.

Here are just a few:

  1. Snap to download a white paper (lead gen!)
  2. Snap to register for a webinar or event
  3. Snap to follow a Twitter account, or a curated list
  4. Snap to renew your subscription
  5. Snap to enter a contest (everybody likes free stuff!)
  6. Snap to pin your favorite articles
  7. Snap to see the full video interview
  8. Snap to bookmark this article on our site
  9. Snap to get an exclusive discount code

To hear the other 17 ideas, you’ll have to call me!

Seriously — if you’re printing magazines (or really, anything) you need to start experimenting with this technology.  Let us know what you’re doing — or thinking of doing — in this area!

  • kittyangel79

    that marketing is kind of biased what about us consumers who do not have an iphone or smartphone etc that has apps? theres no way for us to get involved in this campaign.

    • Tonia Ries

      That’s a great point. I wonder if there’s a way to participate via a normal computer, too — go to the brand’s Facebook page and enter to win, for instance. Many contests have more than one way to enter — in fact, I think it’s a best practice to always give customers more than one way to participate. Thanks for bringing this up!