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We’ve Updated Our Guide to Influence Marketing Tools

In March we published the Guide to Influence Measurement Tools from The Realtime Report.  Our goal was to cut through the hype and provide a clear-eyed, no-nonsense look at the evolving tools and best practices for identifying, prioritizing and engaging influencers.

Fast forward 6 months, and so much has changed in a very short time. Klout and Kred now offer brand pages and have introduced consumer-facing makeovers. PeerIndex  has completely redesigned its topic-based platform. The algorithms for some of the major tools have changed, and they have expanded the number of “signals” (sources of data) that they use in their scoring systems.

The Guide is an in-depth look at 8 tools designed to identify and score online influencers and, in some cases, manage online relationships and conversations. It’s now over 65 pages long, with in-depth test drives and several expert best practices interviews.  Please check it out here.