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The Media Martini: Digital Dictionaries, Creative Election Media, Mobile News Apps

The storm is over (though recovery is still under way – check out ways you can help here), the election is done: now grab a well-deserved martini and settle down for this week’s top picks in media:

1. Macmillan Dictionaries Now Online Only

Macmillan English DictionaryEncyclopaedia Britannica was “killed off” by Wikipedia and the internet back in March 2012; now Macmillan dictionaries will no longer be in print, as the company resorts to digital only.  And things are looking rosy, as the Macmillan Dictionary Online has seen “explosive growth” since its launch in 2009.  The online version features a dictionary, thesaurus, a blog about word use and other issues, and a weekly ‘Buzzword’ column.  Do you agree that with the move online, “dictionaries have found their ideal medium”?

2. 5 New Ways to Watch the Election Unfold

Those of us who spent election night watching how the votes played out in each neighborhood, county and state enjoyed some innovative ways of looking at this data.  WNYC’s map categorized votes by “community types,” The New York Times allowed voters to see how partisan votes shifted by county from 2008 to 2012 and created a web app that showed how the major TV networks were calling the results for each state, NPR had a “Tetris-style” dashboard to show how electoral votes for each state came in, and NowThis News made illustrations out of text characters to show the call for each state with a bit of individual flavor. What was your favorite?

3. Can News Apps Be More Interactive?

The New York Times Mobile AppThe New York Times has been working to make apps into a more ‘live, interactive experience’ for almost a year – reports the Nieman Journalism Lab –  including using live dashboards that allow for live-blog style updates. The priority is for their mobile apps to deliver “a unique news experience” – trying to integrate live video, county-by-county maps and other interactive content into the stream of news stories.  The Times is determined to keep up with their growing mobile audience, and to deliver content thats designed for consumption in an app format.

What were you reading in media this week?  And if you were glued to the screen (first or second) on Tuesday night, who do you think had the best – or most creative – media coverage?