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The Media Martini: Paywalls, Censoring Reporters’ Tweets, Mobile Traffic

It’s Media Martini time!  As happy hour rapidly approaches, check out what we’ve been talking about in media this week:

1.  Are Paywalls the Answer?

Is putting up a paywall the answer for The Washington Post?A paywall is not the magical solution for The Washington Post, says GigaOM’s Matthew Ingram.  Rob O’Regan at Emedia Vitals agrees, writing that “Throwing up a paywall is a short-term fix that doesn’t address the longer-term challenge of audience engagement.”  Then he goes even further, asserting that “innovation is exactly what newspaper (and magazine) publishers need” – they can’t continue to assess the move into digital from a traditional publishing standpoint. O’Regan’s bottom line? “Most if not all successful digital publishing models require a blend of advertising revenue and paid content.”

2.  Should Reporters Tweets Be “Censored”?

Do you agree that “prior editing of social media can be a smart move” for reporters covering sensitive issues (such as the Palestinian-Israeli conflict)? Poynter reports that The New York Times will be editing the social media posts of their Jerusalem bureau chief, and the BBC asks for “a second set of eyes” on all social media posts.  Is this a recipe for inhibiting experimentation and use of social media by reporters, or could some level of editorial oversight help reporters covering controversial beats to keep their job?

3.  One-Third of The Guardian’s Traffic is Coming From Mobile

The Guardian on tabletsSmartphones and tablets are accounting for nearly 35% of the Guardian’s traffic, says Group product manager Anthony Sullivan.  While mobile phones are responsible for nearly 30%, tablet traffic is actually growing at an even faster pace.  He suggests that in two years, mobile visits will overtake desktop visits to Guardian properties.

What stories caught your eye in media this week?