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Media Martini: NYT Launches Compendium, Unbundling the Media, GMA on the Web

Happy Friday! It’s time to settle down for a long winter’s martini, and savor this week’s news in media:

1. The New York Times Launches Pinterest-like Tool Compendium

Content curation on the NYT's CompendiumThe New York Times R&D Lab just launched Compendium, a new tool that lets readers “use articles, imagery, videos, and quotations to tell your own stories using New York Times content.” Users can sign in with Facebook or Twitter and then create a collection with their own title and description (choosing from three different formats).  Collections can be shared on both Twitter and Facebook – but users can only add content from The New York Times.  If it gains popularity and opens up to other sources, PaidContent believes the tool could be a “useful middle ground between Pinterest and Storify.”

2. Unbundling the Media: Syria Deeply News Site

Syria DeeplyDedicated news site Syria Deeply, a digital newspaper/community focusing solely on the conflict in Syria, “says a lot about an ongoing trend towards the unbundling of the media,” reports GigaOM.  Foreign correspondent and Syria Deeply founder Lara Setrakian decided that “the story was almost too large to fit into the typical packages or rhetorical devices used by the mainstream media.” GigaOm makes a good point: “Aggregating news about hundreds of different topics for a broad, mainstream audience is something that was invented to fit the publication model of a newspaper, not the internet.”  Could topic niche sites be the way to go – and could that focus (depending on the topic) make it easier to attract revenue opportunities?

3. ABC Brings ‘Good Morning America’ To The Web

ABC is launching a live daily web show as an addition to ‘Good Morning America,’ featuring a variety of hosts and backstage interviews following the television show.  The web show will allow ABC to “pull back the curtain a bit” and expand upon topics covered on the show; Barnes & Noble Nook has already signed on as a launch partner. Will GMA fans follow their morning news show onto the web for extra content?

Let us know what you think – and what you’ve been talking about in media this week.