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Media Martini: To App or Not to App, Subcompact Publishing, Making Paywalls Easier

Happy Last Friday in 2012! Grab that year-end martini and check out this week’s news in media:

1.  Publishers vs. Apps – Does It Have To Be That Way?

The Awl's Weekend Companion appAre apps “an over-priced folly?” Publishers are now choosing from a wider variety of apps – and tailoring them to the specific content they produce. PaidContent lays out how publishers should re-evaluate their view of apps (since new publishing options mean app-making “is no longer the high stress, budget-busting process it was before”), and offers three examples of the “new app economy in action.”  Surprisingly, one example is skipping app creation altogether and going straight to a mobile site — like popular tech site Techmeme.

2.  ‘Subcompact’ Publishing

Two new subscription-based, digital-only magazines “feature a simple, pared-back design that makes online reading easy.” The Guardian speculates that long-form journalism designed for the small screen could “point to a new journalistic niche.”  Check out the design for science and tech magazine Matter and tech-friendly The Magazine and let us know what you think – could “Subcompact Publishing” be the future of magazines?

3.  Pocket Makes Paywalls Easier

New App PocketPaywalls are spreading like wildfire (check out some tweets on that debate here), and new app Pocket is designed to “make jumping between the discovery and reading of new material less difficult.” The app’s site subscription feature means readers don’t have to log-in multiple times to access content behind different paywalls – and they can then save it for future reading.  This “small move” may become a big deal as more publishers put paywalls around their content.

Let us know what you’ve been talking about in media this week…and Happy New Year!