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Brand Strategy: The 4 Elements Of Your Messaging Roadmap

Compass Rose photo courtesy of Margaret W. Carruthers (via Flickr).

Compass Rose photo courtesy of Margaret W. Carruthers (via Flickr).

Your brand is your connection to your community–and the foundation of everything you do. A strong, clear brand strategy drives all of your communications, with readers and advertisers. But it also guides your product development strategy, helping you develop brand extensions that make sense.

So how do you make sure you can clearly articulate your brand? That’s where a messaging roadmap becomes essential. A short, simple document — everything should fit on no more than one page — your messaging roadmap should include these 4 elements:

1. Mission statement: a short, aspirational statement that articulates your brand’s purpose.

2. Brand attributes: 3 or 4 adjectives that define the personality of your brand. Your design, tone and style should all match this personality.

3. Audience: what is the community that you’re serving?  Don’t just make a list of titles, think about what all of your readers or customers have in common and try to articulate that one fundamental commonality in a brief, descriptive phrase.

4. Unique value proposition: what are the benefits that you are delivering to this community which no one else can provide as well as you can?

It can take a lot of work and many hours of brainstorming and discussion to create your brand’s messaging roadmap. But once you have it, all of the other pieces — your branding campaign, your sales tools, your marketing copy — will fall into place around it, giving you a solid, stable foundation on which to continue to build new revenue streams.