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Audience Recruitment: Two Reasons Why Telemarketing Is Critical To Your Event’s Success

Photo courtesy of alanclarkdesign (Flickr)

Photo courtesy of alanclarkdesign (Flickr)

Few things are more stressful than event attendee marketing. You need to find the right number—and the right types of attendee. And, no matter what you do, you know that many of them won’t actually sign up until the last minute, leaving you with the stress of not knowing how successful you’ll be up until the day before the event.

That’s why telemarketing is such a key component of the audience marketing campaign for many conferences: it’s one of the most effective ways to close the deal and get attendees to commit and register.

But there’s more to it than that. Because the telemarketers are talking to prospective attendees, you also have the ability to capture feedback and hear about possible problems—early enough in the cycle that you can still address them. Telemarketing is not only a key recruitment tool, it’s also an invaluable research tool.

So how do you get started? Start by answering some simple questions before reaching out to prospective telemarketers:

  • How large is your audience database, and which ones do you want to target with calls?
  • How will the telemarketing effort fit into your overall marketing plan? Are the telemarketers calling to follow up on a communication you’ve sent in some other way?
  • What is your timeline for the campaign (start & end date)?
  • What budget can you allocate to telemarketing?

Finding the Right Telemarketing Partner

There are two approaches: working with an individual consultant, or partnering with a larger firm. In the case of a professional telemarketing firm, you’ll have a partner with more bandwidth and a high level of professionalism—but you’ll pay for that.

In either case, recommendations are key. You can use an online search to identify prospective firms, but the best relationships are the ones based on recommendations from people you know and trust.  Ask around, and join some professional groups you can turn to when you are looking for references.

Set the Foundation for a Good Partnership with an Events Telemarketer

Review your goals and objectives. And make sure you cover off on:

  • The hours during which calls will be made to ensure you are reaching your audience
  • The number of individuals who will be calling, and how they will be trained
  • Your reporting requirements: frequency of updates, updating your database with new contact information

And of course, make sure your new partner understands that you will be relying on them not only to close the deal—but to report back with the insights and feedback that you need to make sure the rest of your campaign is successful.

How do you integrate telemarketing into your audience recruitment campaign?