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Print Is Not Dead. Here’s Why.

Photo credit: theseanster93

Photo credit: theseanster93

Every week, we see another report of the demise of a print brand. And with print advertising revenues continuing to plummet, that’s not a surprise.

But in recent conversations with several b2b publishing clients, I’ve discovered that some smart publishers are choosing a surprising and unexpected strategy. In spite of the fact that print advertising represents a highly reduced portion of their revenue, they are maintaining their commitment to publishing a print edition of their media brand.

Why? It’s their best source of new names.

Increasingly, publishers are realizing that they’re no longer in the traditional media business—they’re now in the lead gen business. And generating high-quality leads of interested prospects requires two things: 1. great content that engages those prospects, and 2. a growing, dynamic database.

The products that these publishers are producing to engage buyers and deliver leads are overwhelmingly digital—webinars, white papers, research reports, ebooks—and live events.

But the secret for these media companies is that their print magazines continue to be their best source of new subscribers—which they can then monetize by engaging them and converting them into qualified leads via a variety of digital products.

Investing in a growing database of highly qualified and engaged prospects is the new metric of publishing success. That’s why publishing a print magazine is one of the most innovative investments some publishers are making.