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Why the Two Concepts You Just Rejected Still Matter to Us

Marketing: the creative process at Modern MediaThe creative process here at Modern Media — whether it’s for a marketing campaign or a website —  can be divided into two parts. There’s the fun and interesting part and the hard and interesting part.

The fun and interesting part

This part involves listening to and watching the client (sometimes many of you) describe (and sometimes argue about) your business and where you’re trying to take it. It involves taking what we’ve absorbed and coming up with three relevant, non-compromise ideas. It involves working with designers to create a way to present those three concepts in a fair way. It involves presenting them to you in a conference room, and listening to and watching you discuss which one you want to go with.

I should explain why we present three ideas. From our brainstorming conversations with you, we know what your baseline  is — what you (all of you) know you want.

  1. We’ll present a creative, but basically conservative, option that conforms to that baseline.
  2. There will also be an idea that stood out from the brainstorming. We’ll run with that and present a middle-of-the-road option.
  3. Then we’ll try to present an option that breaks the mold.

Again — we try try to present the three concepts neutrally. There’s no right answer. It’s not important what we think. We’re interested in what you think.

Then things get harder.

The hard and interesting part

The hard part comes later, when you’ve picked one of the three concepts and we have to execute on it. Which one you picked matters, obviously. But it’s only a PDF or two with Greek text and comp art. Turning the concept you chose into reality — emails, websites, brochures, sponsor kits, AdWords campaigns — sometimes involves hundreds of language, design and functionality decisions on our part.

That’s why the two ideas you rejected still matter. Knowing whether you picked the safe idea, the middle idea or the far-out idea, and how you reacted to each while you were picking, helps guide our decision-making and helps us execute. Your rejections matter to us – and help define your brand.