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Media and Realtime Marketing Trends: Interview With Modern Media’s Tonia Ries At The IBM Smarter Commerce Summit

At the end of May, I had the great pleasure of participating in the IBM Smarter Commerce Summit as part of the event’s VIP Influencer program. It was an incredible experience: a chance to see some great, inspirational speakers, attend some very interesting workshops, and to meet and network with a great group of people.

While in Nashville, I sat down with IBM’s Todd “Turbo” Watson to talk about some of the latest industry trends. It was a fun conversation — about 15 minutes long, so I’m including a “table of contents” to help you find the parts you may be the most interested in below the video. Let me know where you agree or disagree with the discussion!


  • 0:44   Yahoo’s acuisition of Tumblr
  • 2:25   YouTube’s growth and value to Google
  • 3:54   Media industry trends
  • 6:00  Twitter and trends around the open API
  • 8:50   Why realtime marketing starts with listening–and how to scale customer engagement
  • 10:45 How social media has changed marketing
  • 13:06 The Realtime Marketing Lab