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Yahoo launching new digital mags

Media Martini: NY Times Redesign, Forbes Debuts ‘Stream’ Feature, Yahoo Launching Digital Mags

Happy Friday!  The Media Martini is back — and we’re excited to share some interesting stories in media this week:

1. The New York Times Unveils Redesigned Website — And Native Advertising

Dell Native Ad on NY TimesThe new site is “customizable, sleeker and faster than the current one” and built on a whole new publishing and technology system, allowing the Times to add digital products more easily, rather than requiring intensive redesigns down the road. Dell is the first partner for the Times’ foray into native advertising, which is clearly labeled “Paid For and Posted by Dell.” Branded content will be held to the Times’ editorial standards, but produced by the Times’ advertising department and the individual advertiser, not by the news and editorial staff.

2.  Forbes Debuts ‘Stream’ Feature

Last Monday Forbes launched the new ‘Stream’ feature, allowing readers to save, share and discover content from the Forbes magazine and website — with the option to also share content on social networks, email and messaging services. For advertisers, it means editorial content and native advertising can “live together in ways that create an immersive environment for consumers.” ‘Stream’ is a response to what Forbes sees as a shift away from text, and toward content streams (like Facebook and Twitter.) Following this sentiment, Digiday asks whether publishers’ adoption of “seamless, often endless streams of content” means the [traditional] webpage is dying.

3. Yahoo Is Launching Digital Magazines and Yahoo News Digest

At CES last week, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer announced a new line of digital magazines, starting with Yahoo Food and Yahoo Tech, with the latter to be headed by former New York Times columnist David Pogue.  Mayer also unveiled a twice daily mobile news product, Yahoo News Digest, designed to gather news from across the web and “help mobile users become better informed in short bursts of time.” The Digest will include some gamification elements, and was built using technology from mobile startup Summly (acquired by Yahoo last year.)

What stories were you talking about in media this week?