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The most visited piece on in 2013 was a news interactive

Media Martini: #1 Story is Interactive, Mislabeling Native Ads, CNN Redesign

Happy Friday! Grab your martini and check out the best stories in media this week:

1. The #1 New York Times Story in 2013 Wasn’t An Article

A “news interactive” topped the list of most-visited pieces on The New York Times website in 2013, entitled “How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk.”  The piece was a quiz meant to reveal “your personal dialect map” — where your accent is most prevalent in the nation (my results were spot-on).  What does it mean for online journalism when a major newspaper’s most popular piece isn’t even an article?  For one thing, it proves interactive pieces have great potential – especially when they go viral, as this one did.

2. When Native Advertising Goes Wrong

Shape Magazine came under fire this week for mislabeling a native ad — in fact, for calling the ad “news.”  An inquiry from the National Advertising Division found that Shape “blurred the line between advertising and editorial content in a way which could confuse consumers,” and ruled that the magazine must “clearly and conspicuously designate content as advertising.”

3. Redesigned Is A “Direct Hint” of Overhaul

The redesigned is in many ways a test run of the redesign that will now be rolled out sometime in spring/summer 2014. New features include fully responsive design, and an intuitive, easy-to-use newsfeed; feedback on these elements will inform the final version of the CNN website redesign.

What stories were you talking about in media this week?