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Putting The Right Envelope On Your Conference Attendee Invitation

Green envelope.

Would it have been opened if it was white?

When it comes to telemarketing to follow up on conference invitations, a breakthrough is a rare thing. We’ve had one.

Telemarketing can be a significant spend in the conference marketing budget. Success hangs on the quality of your list, retaining a telemarketing team with a record of success, and giving that team all that it needs to present the case to the thousands who have been mailed an invitation.

But a nasty roadblock too often occurs in the very first moments of a call.  “I don’t remember receiving that invitation, can you re-send it, please?” — a non-starter that can lead to additional rounds of emails and calls with a prospect who may not easily get back on the phone.

So we made the envelope a bright green to see if it would stand out and improve recall. As we write, calls are being made to thousands of senior executives across the country for an elite business conference we are working on for one of our clients. First report from the telemarketers is that the answer to that first question this year is more often:

“Yes, I did see that invitation!”

It was sent last week in a square green envelope appears to be a conversation starter. From here on out, when it comes to envelopes, we’ll pick a color, any color.

What tricks do you use to get your conference marketing pieces opened?