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Chipotle Hulu web series

Media Martini: Vice News Launches, Chipotle’s Hulu Series, TIME’s New Ad Format

Happy Friday!  It’s happy hour time (aka ‘where’s my martini’) and we’ve got this week’s best stories in media for you:

1. Vice News Launches

Will the launching of Vice Media’s new web channel for “serious journalism” shake up the media?  Vice CEO Shane Smith told CBS that “Every generation you have a changing of the guard in media,” and “When you have a different language, the people who were the status quo say, ‘Well, that’s not news because you’re not doing it the same way I’m doing it.'” Vice Media is dedicating $50 million to this effort over the next three years, plus 60 reporters so far.

2. Chipotle Takes A Risk With Unbranded Web TV Series

It’s a “new broadcast model for marketing.” Will Chipotle’s original entertainment series on Hulu – launched last month – be a success, despite a purposeful lack of branding in the show itself? The series does have commercials (for Chipotle and other businesses) but there is no branded content within the body of each “Farmed and Dangerous show. Social Media Week labeled it “Unbranded Entertainment” – is it a worthwhile investment for Chipotle?

3. Time Magazine: New Look, New Ad Format

Time Magazine not only overhauled their website, but also launched new “magnetic” ad units. Consisting of multiple ads units that sync up together, when a reader clicks on one ad, the other that are linked to it also change. Citi is the first advertiser to try out the new ad format – could magnetic ads eventually become an industry standard?

What were you talking about in media this week?