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How To Host Podcasts On Your Blog Using PodBean

A client of ours recently needed an easy, attractive way to host podcasts on their WordPress site. So we went in search of a solution that would address the bandwidth problems–podcasts are large files and should be delivered via a content delivery network rather than your dinky web server, and also provide a way to customize how the podcast appears on the page.

The default WordPress Media Player looks kind of boring:

After some research, we decided to use, a free and easy way to embed podcasts on your website. PodBean allows you to customize a podcast “skin,” which by default comes with a nice title, branding and social sharing and embed buttons. Here’s what it can look like:

(Side note: “Feeding Hungry Children with Text Messages” above has a really interesting discussion on when and why NOT to develop a dedicated mobile app.)

PodBean has a whole bunch of other features, including analytics, the opportunity to offer paid subscriptions, and a dedicated “” podcast feed (example.) Whether you use these bells and whistles or not, PodBean is a great option for serving podcasts in a branded, shareable skin with a minimum of effort.