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Its <Not> Easy Being Green” Postcard

Helping InformationWeek Go Green

InformationWeek is the largest media brand for business technology decision makers, and has always been an innovator when it comes to embracing new technologies.  In 2009, the brand launched a campaign to become carbon-neutral over the course of the next 10 years, and asked Modern Media to help explain the campaign to its customers.

Customers could take a number of actions to support the campaign:  cancel or update out-of-date print subscriptions to reduce waste, convert to digital editions of the magazine, and support the campaign with donations to help protect forests.

The campaign included both a print ad and a direct mail element:

  • The March issue of InformationWeek ran a full-page ad, designed by Modern Media, announcing that four issues would be produced in an entirely digital format, and asking readers to learn more about converting to digital editions.
  • A postcard printed on paper made from recycled materials was sent to all of InformationWeek’s comp list subscribers, inviting them to update their subscription and encouraging to opt for a digital subscription at a specially-designed landing page.

The result?  A cleaner, more accurate comp list, reduced costs for InformationWeek, and a few more trees in our forests.